Green Travel Experiences in Noosa: Conscious traveller guide.

Here in Noosa, we have a long and proud history of protecting, preserving and looking after our environment – it’s one of the main reasons why people love holidaying in Noosa, and why the Noosa region is a globally recognised UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

If you think more deeply about the impact of your travel, Noosa is the perfect eco-minded destination to travel to with easy access to green travel experiences. 

The biggest drawcard? Our natural assets, of course! Not to mention there are plenty of eco-friendly tour operators who can take you abseiling down Mount Tinbeerwah, mountain bike through Wooroi National Park, or take a carbon-free kayaking trip into the Noosa Everglades

Noosa Everglades

Noosa Everglades 

Nestled within the Cooloola region of the Great Sandy National Park, the Noosa Everglades is a spectacular network of pristine waterways and wetlands connecting the Northern Noosa River system on the Sunshine Coast.Tranquil waterways, wildflower heaths, freshwater lakes, woodlands and forests make the Noosa Everglades and Upper Noosa River a popular destination to visit. It’s one of only two ancient everglade systems in the world (second to the Amazon) and is also a vital refuge for coastal wildlife. 

The best way to explore the Noosa Everglades and Upper Noosa River is by canoe, motorboat, kayak, or on foot. Book a tour with Everglades Eco Safaris who deliver an unforgettable wilderness experience into this pristine and untouched region. Swim in tea tree infused waters, canoe through the mirrored waterways or simply relax in this unique natural environment.

Noosa River

Noosa River 

Whether you prefer to do your exploration on land or via eco-friendly water activities and tours, there are endless ways to experience the beauty of the Noosa River. Get amongst it either on foot or with the help of a guide. 

Go DIY and hire a BBQ pontoon boat to cruise the river with O Boat Hire and enjoy your lunch wherever you choose to pull up. To truly soak in the serenity of the waterway, with minimal impact on the environment, jump onboard a whisper-quiet electric boat from Eco Noosa or hire a catamaran from U Drive Boat Hire. Pelican Boat Hire (next to the Big Pelican) has wheelchair accessible boats with enclosed toilets. Dogs are welcome, too!

Noosa North Shore

Noosa North Shore at its best

On Noosa North Shore, you can swap the car for real horsepower (pardon the pun!) with a trail ride along the beach. Nearby, the Cooloola Great Walk showcases the very best of the recreation area’s outstanding natural attractions. Up to 102km long, this extensive walking track system winds through rainforest, tall eucalypt forest, dry coastal woodland and heath plains. 

Sunshine Coast Strawberry Farm

Slow food and sustainable dining

Eating fresh, local and sustainable produce is becoming more important for travellers and is one of the best ways to travel sustainably – along with choosing plant-based eats. Here in Noosa, we’re spoilt for choice with a range of eateries that have been proudly touting the ethical message. 

Ricky’s at Noosa is one of the Coast’s iconic restaurants and for good reason. Dishes are top notch and this is in large part due to the ingredients they use from their very own Noosa Hinterland farm, which provides the restaurant with organic, locally grown produce, as well as rare and otherwise difficult-to-source ingredients. 

Flux Lounge is a charming riverside restaurant just around the corner from Coco Bay Resort in Noosaville. Offering seasonal produce to create a tapas style, modern Australian menu, the eatery is popular with plant-based diners thanks to the great variety of vegan dishes available. 

Thinking takeaway? Why not grab a plastic free takeaway! In keeping with the region’s mission to banish single-use plastics under the Plastic Free Noosa program, you can feel confident grabbing a bite in compostable and eco boxes and containers from 170 conscious cafes and restaurants around the Noosa Shire.

Noosa Zero Emissions

Go electric

Heading to Noosa in your EV and need to get the low down on charging options? Need to rent a car but looking to hire an EV? Our region has you covered. Read below where public EV charging stations, EV car hire and networks around the Noosa region are, so you can travel sustainably and with peace of mind!