A whale of a time! 5 reasons to love whale watching in Noosa

Visit Coco Bay Resort during the months of June to November and you’re in for a whale of a time! For an unforgettable family experience while in Noosa, celebrate the majestic humpback whale migration. Board a local vessel to take a breathtaking whale watching tour on the crystal waters of Laguna Bay. We believe the excitement and anticipation of a splash or blow is something not to be missed!

Here are five reasons to love whale watching in Noosa.

1. Humpback whales

Each year, the magnificent humpback whales migrate from Antarctica to our subtropical waters of the east coast of Australia. Their migration path brings them past our pristine waters off Noosa.

These gentle giants bring Laguna Bay alive as locals and visitors alike celebrate and delight in their spectacular acrobatic displays or the appearance of a mother and newborn calf. Whale watching at sea is a unique experience. Onboard one of Noosa’s experienced operators, you will have a front row seat to all the excitement! Enjoy the exhilaration of a whale breaching, flapping their long flippers and flukes, frolicking and swimming in the sea.

A humpback whale dives in Laguna Bay
Image: A humpback whale dives in Laguna Bay, Noosa Whale Watching Centre

2. Nature

Escape to another world on the warm waters of Laguna Bay. Our whale encounters are not to be missed! Noosa was named the 10th World Surfing Reserve in 2020, for its outstanding wave breaks and pure surrounding environment. Noosa is also designated as a UNESCO biosphere reserve!

On Laguna Bay unwind, take a deep breath of fresh air, and enjoy breathtaking views as you look toward Noosa National Park headland. This coastline forms a natural protection for an array of marine wildlife, where you are likely to spot dolphins and sea turtles.

It truly is an intimate experience to view these majestic mammals and other ocean life in their natural surroundings.

Two humpback whales breach in Laguna Bay
Image: Two humpback whales breach in Laguna Bay, Noosa Wave Boating Adventures

3. Connection

Discover the joy of ocean viewing, onboard a Noosa boutique whale watching encounter. Connect with these magnificent mammals, nature, yourself and family in an outdoor interactive experience.

Don’t miss the exhilaration of a curious humpback whale who may move closer to your vessel to investigate, or rest or play nearby. Perhaps our energetic and curious dolphins will appear among the mix.

One thing is certain, watching these gentle giant’s antics is an unforgettable lifetime experience for the whole family!

Step aboard an educational and informative whale watching tour that you won’t forget. Noosa Wave Boating Adventures, Noosa Ocean Rider and Noosa Whale Watching Centre offer excellent whale watching tours, which are popular with locals and tourists alike.

Image: Noosa the perfect holiday destination, Queensland National Parks – Department of Environment and Science

4. Destination

Noosa is a renowned paradise of spectacular natural beauty, adventure, recreational pursuits or one of pure relaxation. This chic coastal town has everything a holidaymaker could desire and more.

If you’re a shopper, you won’t be able to resist Hastings Street – buzzing with galleries, coffee, food and spectacular fashion. Noosa National Park’s walking trails offer scenic rainforest, open eucalypt forest and ocean views. This wilderness provides a sanctuary for native wildlife including echidnas and koalas.

What better location than Noosa, to view one of our largest natural attractions!

the dining room of a Coco Bay Resort townhouse
Image: Relax and Play at Coco Bay Resort – 3 Bedroom Townhouse

5. Family time

An exceptional day on Laguna Bay, deserves a relaxing return to Coco Bay Resort where your holiday vibes continue. Relax poolside in our beach-style heated swimming pool, spa or sauna. Or unwind with a good book on a lounge chair within our lush tropical grounds, under a waving palm tree.

As daylight begins to fade, stroll to Noosa River to capture the last rays of a gorgeous sun set over the water. Then indulge your taste sensations with an array of delicious and family-friendly dining options available along Gympie Terrace with river views. Check out where to dine out in Noosaville for our local tips.

The perfect day out and family holiday!

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And if you haven’t yet booked your stay, be sure to check our direct booking deals at Coco Bay Resort before you book online.